What is Acupuncture? 

Acupuncture is a traditional method of healing. It’s a non-invasive therapy that is aimed to heal the different discomfort experienced in the different parts of the body. It’s a form of ancient Chinese medicine that uses needles in certain body parts to release the tension felt in a particular area. 


Acupuncture is a pseudoscience, which means that up to now, it still doesn’t have any medical backing from the scientific world. Even so, it is a widely used alternative method of healing, especially to those who wanted a more holistic approach to treating certain diseases.  

How is it done? 

Acupuncture is performed by acupuncturists and they will insert needles into your body with the intention of balancing your energy. Doing so is known to helps boost one’s well-being and may even cure some deep-seated illnesses. Acupuncture is mostly used to address such as headache, whooping cough, and high blood pressure.  

Because acupuncture follows the principles of Chinese traditional medicine, the idea behind the technique has a lot to do with balancing the yin and yang forces of the body. Acupuncturists believe that the imbalance of the qi energy produces a lot of consequences, as evidenced by the illnesses experienced by the person.  

According to the Chinese, the body’s energy flows through pathways or meridians inside the body. These pathways are accessible through the 350 acupuncture points, which is where the needles are inserted. Inserting the needles will release the energy in the right places in order to bring back the proper balance or the good flow of energy all over the body.  

Common Uses of Acupuncture  

Followers of traditional Chinese medicine believe that acupuncture can help them in addressing illnesses such as lower back pain, neck pain, and knee pain. It is also effective against osteoarthritis, headache, and migraine. And even though acupuncture has no medical backing whatsoever, the World Health Organization recognized it as a rather effective remedy for a few other conditions.  

In 2003, the WHO declared that acupuncture can also be used to provide relief to people who are suffering from high and low blood pressure, dysentery, allergic rhinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, and peptic ulcer. It can be used to address less complicated health issues such as painful periods, facial pain, morning sickness, sprain, tennis elbow, and dental pain.  

Is it Safe? 

If done by a qualified professional, acupuncture is generally safe. It produces very few side effects and it can be combined with other types of treatments. It is actually recommended to people who can’t use certain kinds of Western medicine because of the possible complications that they’ll experience. However, the use of acupuncture in lieu of conventional health care is not at all advised.  

If you want to know more about acupuncture and how it can help you, consult with a certified acupuncturist today. Try to experience the goodness of North York acupuncture to experience a different type of healing. Your body will feel energized and your spirit will come to life after just one session.